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Recommendations to upload a pdf
Recommendations to upload a pdf

Here we are going to teach you how to upload your PDF file to offer the best possible experience to your readers

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The reader integrated into the platform has many functionalities that give interactivity to the text. Among them are:

  • Highlight the text with different colors.

  • Generate exportable summaries by color.

  • Translate the text to and from any language.

  • Transform text to speech: the whole page or part of it.

  • Export a citation in APA, Vancouver, IEEE y MLA format to cite in research papers.

  • Browse through the index.

  • Find words or sentences throughout the text.

  • Read double or single page.

Here are some features that your PDF can have to make the most out of them:

  • It is not a scan of a document.

  • The cover is the first page

  • The back cover is the last page

  • 300dpi maximum definition (we recommend no less than 200dpi for good quality)

  • Pages must be separated one by one within the same PDF file (not spread)

  • The PDF should not have crop marks

  • Table of contents. (The PDF should contain Bookmarks so that your readers can access different chapters or sections of the publication by clicking on them). Here's how to create bookmarks.

Useful resources:

- Why does my PDF gets stuck in the "Processing" stage? We share suggestions to solve it and prevent it from happening.

We hope we made this tutorial easy for you and if you have more questions write us at [email protected]

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