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How to export a PDF with PDF/A standards?
How to export a PDF with PDF/A standards?

In this tutorial we will learn how to convert archives from PDF to standard PDF/A (before uploading them to our library)

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PDF/A format assures you that when the exporting process has finished, the file will function accordingly and prevent problems such as :

- Images that aren't seen

- Invisible words and paragraphs

- Errors when processing the archive

- Heavy archives

How to convert your PDF to PDF/A with Acrobat Reader Professional

Acrobat offers us a Preflight tool to convert any PDF to standard PDF/A .

You must :

1. Go to Document > Optimize PDF > Testing . Then a pop up window will appear and show you the different options.

2. Unfold the option "Compatibility with PDF/A"


3. Then click "Analyze and Repair". You will be asked where to save this new file, choose and Save.

Exporting a PDF from an original archive

Microsoft Word

If the original file originates from Microsoft Word , you must:

1. Go to File > Save As > in Type we select PDF.


2. Click the Options button .

3. A pop up window will appear and in PDF Options we choose Compatible with ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A).


4. Ok and save.

Adobe Indesign

With Adobe Indesign it's necessary for you to save the PDF file and then use Adobe Acrobat Pro , to convert this file to standard PDF/A .

In order for the conversion to be successful you must save our PDF , you must choose Create Tagged PDF .


The tags indicate Acrobat Reader Pro the order in which the PDF was created , the types of elements that make up the publication, evading complications or errors at the moment of the conversion from PDF to standard PDF/A.

We hope you find this tutorial simple, if you have any questions you can email us at [email protected].

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