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Add a personalized domain to your library
Add a personalized domain to your library

Modifying your Library or Stores domain will help users have a personalized, user friendly experience with the search engines.

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⚠️ IMPORTANT : Make sure to have access to the domain administrator where you currently have your principle domain (just in case you want to use a related domain).

From your Store or Library :

1.) Enter Control Panel -> Settings -> Basic

2.) Copy the URL information that appears in the "subdomain" field, you will need it for the following configuration.

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3.) Now you must go to your domain administrator (where you have registered your principal domain that you will use , for example :

From your Domain administrator :

Once you'r there , you must create a CNAME registry directioned to the subdomain obtained from the previous step.

Standard steps in your domain administrator :

  • Log in to the your domains providers account.

  • Find your DNS setting. Find the area of administration of your domain, DNS setting or similar function.

  • Change your CNAME www record, so it redirects you to your subdomain ( example: Normally you need to only use the prefix without the period, but for some providers the domain needs the complete subdomain. The CNAME records always has to direct you to a domain name, and never an IP address.

  • Always save the CNAME record (normally by clicking on "Save" or "Add record" or any similar action).

Your personalized domain can take up to 48 hrs to direct you to your store/library. You can verify that everything has been done correctly with whatsmydns tool, that will inform you if the domain directs you correctly to your library.

From your store or library :

We need to go back to the control panel of your library to Finnish setting your final domain .

4.) You must go to the final domain field, the domain will be set with the record CNAME (example:

5.) Save your changed and done! You now have your new domain .


  1. 1. In case you would like the principal domain to direction you to to your store, you must create a subdomain such as (where the subdomain would be normally "www") and the CNAME with the principal domain. Then you must direction to

  2. 2. In order for your reader to have a better experience and for the search engines to work correctly finding your final domain, we recommend for there not to be any symbols other than numbers or letters

3. We will create a SLL certificate at no cost. For the moment we cannot add any additional certificates issued by any other party.

We hope you find this tutorial simple, if you have any questions you can email us at [email protected].

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