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In this tutorial we show you how to create an external plan for your external or institutional sales.

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In case you make a sale outside the platform, you can create this type of plan to give your users access to the content. For example: If you sold a plan to an institution and they chose bank transfer or cash as payment method.

This way, you will see it registered inside your Sales Report, like any other sale you have made from your Store (Control Panel, Sales).

📌On the total amount of the sale, we commission the corresponding percentage according to your chosen Plan with publica.la, and we will send you an invoice the following month in which the sale was made so that you can pay for it by credit card or bank transfer.


1. In order to create an External Plan you must go to Control Panel -> Plans and click on Create. The following window will open:

2. In Type you must check External and the following fields will be displayed:

3. Complete the fields:

- Name: Name of the plan, for example, "Children's Stories".

- Details: Here you can give a brief description of the content of your plan, for example, "Access for 12 months to the best classic stories for children from 3 years old".

- Duration: Indicate how long the plan will last in months, for example, "12 "months.

- Prices: Enter the price billed to your customer. Don't worry we will not charge users for access to the plan.

- Customer: You can enter the name of your client or institution, for example, "Universidad San Carlos".

- Invoice: Upload the legal invoice you sent to your client. The valid format to upload it is PDF.

4. Finally indicate:

- If the users will be able to download the original files (in case you do not have this option enabled and want to make use of it, you can write us to request it).

- The collections that will be assigned to the plan.

5. When you have finished completing the fields click on Save and that's it, you have created the plan.

6. To activate the external plan you must assign it to a user:

  • Manual Assignment: Go to Control Panel > Users, click on Create or Edit (depending on if the user is already created or not in the platform).

    ⚠️If no user related to the plan exists and you don't want to create one a generic user can be set up for this particular case using the email [email protected].


    - On the total amount of the sale, publica.la commissions the percentage that corresponds according to your chosen Plan with us. We will send you an invoice the following month in which the sale was made, so you can pay it by credit card or bank transfer.

    - Only for Revenue Share Plans and as long as the sale (considering each sale individually) exceeds the amount of USD 10,000, we charge a 15% commission instead of the 30% established by the Plan.

    - All costs associated with sending the money will be assumed by the seller.

    We hope this tutorial has been helpful, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]

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