How to create coupons

In this article we will show you how to create discount coupons and associate them to your users, plans or publications.

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Create discount coupons to offer your users and improve your marketing and loyalty campaigns.

You can create coupons for your users to redeem on certain publications or assigned plans, or you can assign coupons to specific users to use coupons associated with certain plans or publications.

1. Go to Control Panel > Coupons and click on Create:

2. A window will open where you will have to fill in the following fields:

  • Code: (optional) You can use the system's random code or you can create a custom code. Please note that this field cannot be modified, so in case of confusion you will have to create a new coupon.

If you decide to place a custom code you can use numbers, letters and/or dashes "-".

For example "HOTSALE", "5o-OFF" or "ALUMNI".

You will not be able to use the same code again, so if you created a coupon "HOTSALE", you will not be able to use the same name again to create another coupon. You can use for example "HOTSALE20" or other alternatives.

  • Discount: Here you must enter the discount percentage you wish to assign. The percentage must be a whole number between 1% to 80% for Full E-commerce plans and between 1% to 100% for Unlimited plans.

  • Limit of uses: This limit corresponds to the number of times the coupon can be used.If you want the coupon to be used only once per user, you must create as many coupons as you want to give and assign a limit of 1 to each one.

Once the limit of uses has been reached, the coupon expires and can no longer be used.

  • Valid until: Here you must enter the user's expiration date to redeem the coupon.

If the coupon is active you will be able to edit the date to extend the validity of the coupon, to do so you must click on the coupon and click on Edit. Select the date and click Save.

After the indicated date the coupon expires and can no longer be used.

  • Restrictions of use by type of transaction: Here you must select if the coupon can be used generically for any type of transaction (purchase of publications and contracting of plans) or if it will only be valid for one of them. From here you can continue to choose specific publications or plans as explained in point 3.

  • Multiple usage restrictions for each user. Here you can define whether you will allow the same platform user to use the coupon a limited number of times. If you leave this option unchecked there will be no limit to the number of times a user can change this code until the overall usage limit of the coupon is reached.

Once you have completed the fields, click Save.

You will be able to deactivate the coupon at any time you wish without having to wait for the end date. To do this you will need to go to Edit Coupon and click Deactivate.

You will also be able to modify, once the coupon has been created, its limit of uses (general and per user) as well as the expiration date as long as the use is not less than the current one and the new expiration date is in the future.

3. Associate the coupon to specific users, plans or publications:

Click on the drop-down menu

Right next to each coupon. There choose whether you want to assign the coupon to users, plans and/or publications. You will be able to choose more than one value, i.e. you can allow the users you specify to use the coupon on specific plans and/or publications.

If you do not associate the coupon to specific users, publications or plans, it can be redeemed by any user who has access to the code and can be applied to any content of the store (plans or publications).

Coupons can only be applied to your own plans and/or publications, Marketplace content cannot be purchased using discount coupons.

Done! Now that the coupon is created you can share the coupon code with your users.

To obtain the created codes you can:

- View them from the panel:

- Export the list of all coupons in xlsx format (Excel file). To do this you must click on Export > Export Excel and you will receive the report in your email.

Your users will be able to redeem the coupon in the following way:

From the main section of the store they will be able to choose the publication or subscription they wish to purchase, and instead of choosing a payment method they should click on "I have a coupon" and enter the coupon code.

If you need to massively create coupons with different discount codes for specific publications or plans, you can send us the request to [email protected] at least 48 hours in advance so that we can process your request and indicate the deadlines in which we will have them generated.

You must indicate us:

- Number of coupons,

- Prefix (up to 5 numbers or letters),

- Discount percentage,

- Limit of uses and

- Validity date;

You must also tell us if the coupons will be associated to a plan or publication and if so, indicate the title and/or ISBN.


  • You can request 100% coupons for a value of 1 USD each to be exchanged for publications or prepaid plans. Write us at [email protected] indicating the data to generate the coupon.

  • If the coupon will be used in recurring plans, 1 USD will be discounted for the duration of the subscription.

We hope you find this tutorial simple, if you have any questions you can email us at [email protected].

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