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Set up the shelves

In this article we will show you how you can modify the order and the way you display your publications in the store.

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This tool will allow you to give more visibility to the content you want to show first and will help your users to navigate and find featured posts easily.

You will be able to modify the color, the order and choose which taxonomy you will show on each shelf.

📹 We leave you here a complete instructive.

1. Go to Control Panel > Settings > Store

2. Select a template. Preview and choose how you want your content to be displayed:

Classic: It is the default design. Your users will see the title, date and price of each publication.

Highlight: You will be able to give a greater visualization to the first shelf. This mode is ideal for promoting Posts.

Books: It will allow you to show more information about each publication. Users will be able to see the author, brief description, date, and price of each title.

3. Set the background color of the shelves.

Click on the color box and a color palette will drop down. You can also place your own HTML code, for example the color of your brand.

4. Choose the type of order.

You can select between:

  • Custom: you can choose which categories to show in each one.

  • Yearly: it will be automatically ordered with a carousel for each year , taking the publication date that you set in each of the publications at the time of uploading them.

  • Monthly: it will be automatically ordered with a carousel for each month , taking the publication date that you set in each of the publications at the time of uploading them.

The Annual and Monthly options are usually the most used for Newspapers or Magazines, while the personalized one is for Books or other types of publications.

If you chose the Custom option , continue with the following steps:

a) Click Add Bookshelf as many times as carousels you want to add.

b) Select the type of content you want to display:

- Enter a title: This will be shown to your users. For example: Classics, Education, Editorial Books, etc.

- Choose if you want to show by filters, years, genre or file type.

  • Filters : here you can select the category you want.

You will be able to choose between all the taxonomies that you have and about which you have loaded data in your publications.
For example Select the Taxonomy Author and then the Term within that category that you want to display Abe, Kobo .

  • Years : You can choose if you want to create a carousel by year of publication.

  • Genre : If you put a BISAC code in your publications, you will be able to show your users the shelves by genre.

    File type : shelves of the same file type will be created , for example Audiobooks or Ebooks.

Other types of classification:

  • Free: Add a carousel with all the posts that are free in your store.

    1. What's new: add a carousel where the latest posts added automatically appear.

    2. My Posts: Show each of your users the content they have purchased so far.

Once you're done, click Save and that's it!

  • If you did not take their order into account when creating the shelves, you can drag them from here

    and change the position in which they will be displayed.

  • You can delete or edit your carousels as many times as you need.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have questions, write to us at [email protected] .

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