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Sale, billings and payment gateway.

Here you will learn how to manage your sales, billing and sales charges.

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How can I charge the sales of my publications?

You can sell your sales in any currency and through any Credit Card.

Do I have to connect my own collection gateway?
No. takes care of that.

This is one of the great benefits we have. We take care of charging your customers and sending them a purchase confirmation email with a payment receipt on your behalf, so you can dedicate yourself to producing the best content and selling!

Do I have to issue invoices for my sales?

No, is in charge of collecting sales from end users, and therefore, sending payment receipts, including the collection and payment of associated taxes.

You will receive a payment corresponding to your sales each month, in your bank account.

Do I have to pay charges for the use of the payments gateways?

No. All processing charges for your sales are included in the commission.

Can I sell my content at any price I want?

Yes, you can sell your content at any value starting from USD 0.50 and without any limit. will send you your commission according to the percentage agreed in the chosen plan. Keep in mind that the minimum commission that will be withheld from the public will be USD 0.43 for transactions in case that the commission percentage give a value less than this.

Can I make sales that are not with a Credit Card (for example, Sales to Institutions)?

Yes, you can make institutional sales or outside the online payment gateway. These sales are also reached by a commission depending on your plan.

  • Unlimited Plan: 10% of the total sale.

  • Full E-commerce Plan: 20% for sales under USD 10,000 and 15% for sales over that amount.

  • Basic store plan: 30% for sales less than USD 10,000 and 15% for sales greater than that amount.

You can report them easily within your store in the "Plans" menu, creating a new plan, selecting the "External" option and indicating the details of the sale.

You must inform the sales you make outside the online collection by attaching an invoice and the detail corresponding to that sale in order to activate the plan. At the time of the monthly settlement, it will be considered in your checking account as a balance to be paid by the client to, since it was the client who collected the payment for it.

Can I make refunds to users who bought in my store?

Yes. You can do it easily from your control panel. You will see the detail of the returns in your Sales Report within your Store.

What if I had active subscriptions on my previous payment gateway?

These subscriptions will remain active on your gateway until the user decides to cancel it. In the meantime, you must continue billing them in the same way you have been doing. All new subscriptions will be created directly in Payments.

You can see here how much and how you will charge for your sales.

If you have more questions regarding sales settlements, you can contact us directly at [email protected]

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