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Assigning publications to a user
Assigning publications to a user

In this article we will guide you step by step on how to manually assign publications to your users.

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This tool may become useful whenever you need to provide access to authors, offer free samples or wish to offer time-limited access to certain users.

1. Go to Control Panel > Users.

2. Find the user you want to assign a publication to and click on the drop-down menu. Choose the Assign Publications option.

f the user is not yet registered in the shop, you will need to create it first. Here is our help article where you can find out how to do this.

3. Choose the publications you want to assign to the user and click the Assign button.

If you want to set an expiry date for this assignment, once you have selected the publications, click on the drop-down menu, select Assign up to and choose a date:

That's it! The user will now be able to access the content you have assigned.

You can revoke access to publications at any time you want, here you can find the article from our help centre

This feature may not be available for all plans. Check the features available for each plan here.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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