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In this article we will show you the details of the metrics that you can obtain from Analytics.

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The store is connected to Google Analytics to provide you with information about the users who enter and their behavior.

💡Remember that you can connect your own Analytics account in order to have access to much more precise detail about this data and with more variants. Here we share our help article where we show you how to do it.

To access the statistics go to Control Panel > Analytics

Average Reading Duration:

In this section you will be able to see the "Average duration of the session", which is the average time that each of your users spends consuming your publications.

Page Views:

In this section you can see how many users read from different devices. The device options are: Desktop (computer), mobile (cell phone) and tablet.

For example, in the following image you can see that more than 62% of all users read publications from a cell phone. You can also see in the page views column, how many pages, at face value, were read from each of the devices.

Session location:

In this section you can see from which country in the world the visits were made. In the right sector you will see the 5 main countries, but if you hover your mouse over the map you will be able to interactively see the number of sessions in each of the countries in the world where your content is consumed.


In this section you will find the 8 most visited contents of your library in the last 30 days. Thus, you will be able to know which content your users value the most, identify a constant (or some main characteristics) and draw conclusions so that the new content you plan to create is a complete success.


Finally, this section shows where your users came from. Thus, if you are investing in advertising campaigns or carrying out Marketing actions, you will be able to know which are the most valuable sources of traffic for you and your business.

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