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Add concurrent read limit per post for a plan
Add concurrent read limit per post for a plan

In this article we show you how you can configure the limit of simultaneous readings in the plans.

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This configuration allows you to limit the number of users that can be consuming the same book at the same time. It simulates the way traditional libraries are used and allows publishers to limit this access based on the type of sale they have made to an institution.

For example: a publisher sells 2 copies of each book but in a digital version, so you can limit the number of users who read that book at the same time to 2 . When you want to read a third person, you must wait for someone to finish their reading, that is, for a quota to be released.

⚠️To take into account: following the previous example, if one of those two readers downloads the publication to read it offline, the quota will be occupied as long as they have the ebook in their downloads. Remember that you can configure the download time of the publications from the store, here we show you how.

- Configure the limit of simultaneous readings for all the publications of the plan:

1. Go to Control Panel > Plans

2. Find the plan you want to assign the limit to and click Edit .

If you have not created it yet, here we share our help article where we show you step by step how to do it.

3. Once you've assigned collections to the plan, the Limit concurrent reads per post option will become available. Enable it and indicate the number of simultaneous readings for all publications assigned to that plan.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 14.25.42

Keep in mind that this configuration applies to all the publications that the plan has. If you want to set a different limit for each post of the same, you can do it as we show you here .

4. Once you are done click Save

- Configure the limit of simultaneous readings for each publication:

1. Position yourself on the plan and click on the dropdown menu. Choose the Manage limit per post option .

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 14.35.55

2. Assign the limit to each publication:

3. When you're done, click Save All.

Ready! your concurrent read limits per post are set.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have questions, write to us at [email protected] .

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