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Edit users individually
Edit users individually

In this article we show you how you can edit users from the control panel.

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1. Go to Control Panel > Users.

2. Search for a user and click Edit:

You can make the following modifications:

- Edit the email.

- Modify the password (in case of forgetfulness by your user).

- Establish a session limit (number of simultaneous sessions that the user can have, that is, from how many devices/browsers can log in to the store at the same time).

- Enable that only the publications that you can read are displayed (in case you want it to only display the publications that you have purchased). Keep in mind that by enabling this option the user will not be able to purchase new publications.

- Anonymize: in case the user asks you to remove his data from the records, you can anonymize him. ⚠️This option cannot be reversed.

- Deactivate: the user will not be able to use their credentials to enter the store nor will they have access to publications/plans. 👉You can reactivate it by clicking on the dropdown menu next to the user and selecting Reactivate .

3. Once you have updated the data, click Save .

If you need to update users massively, review this article from our help center.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have questions, write to us at [email protected] .

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