Set up individual sale

Set up your library to sell individually and add a price to each of your posts.

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We show you step by step how to activate it:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Sales

2) Go to the bottom of the page. After configuring the payment gateways you will find the option Sell publications individually

3) Activate the option and a box with the name Default Prices will appear.

4) If you want to set a default price for all your publications equally, you can indicate the value in this box. In any case, you can later change each particular publication.

If you're using different prices for listings, you don't need to fill out this box.

Put individual prices to each publication

To place individual prices for each publication you must follow the following steps:

1) Go to Dashboard -> Posts

2) Find the post you want to sell individually and click Edit

3) At the end of the window you will find a section to add the individual price.

4) Fill in the values ​​and click Update .

Ready! Users will now be able to purchase individual posts.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you and if you have any further questions write to us at [email protected] .

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