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How to relate formats
How to relate formats

Here you will learn how to link several publications that provide different formats of the same book.

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It is possible to offer different formats of the same publication to your users (EPUB, PDF, Audiobook and Paper). When uploading a new publication or editing an existing publication you can link these different formats together, so that when purchasing, the user can easily select the format that best suits their needs. You can then relate these different formats by following the steps below.

  1. Whether when uploading a new publication from Control Panel > Content > My Inventory > Upload or from Control Panel > Content > My Inventory > Edit you will see the Related Formats section.

  2. Click on CONNECT FORMAT. The following window will open.

    You will notice that the system automatically searches for titles that match the title of the publication you are uploading or editing. If the title is not exactly the same, you can type it in by hand to perform the search. You could also search bi ID or ISBN.

  3. Choose the publication you want to link by clicking on the checkbox on the left and then click on LINK.

  4. Click on Update or Publish to save the changes.

Your users will now be able to see the different format options that you offer for the same publication when they enter the publication's page from the storefront.

We hope you have found these instructions useful. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at [email protected].

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