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How and how much should I charge for my sales?
How and how much should I charge for my sales?

Here you will have a detail of the amount that you will be charged for your sales, how often you will receive the payment and how.

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How do I receive money for my store's sales and how often?

Monthly, we will liquidate your sales and - when they exceed the amount of USD 100 - we will send the money to a bank account that you indicate when you create your store. If you do not exceed this amount in a month, they will accumulate for the following month.

We assume the costs of sending the money, you only bear the costs associated with receiving it.

In addition, we will notify you by email within the first 15 days of the month following the month in which the settlement corresponds, the amount that you are entitled to receive, and we will also send you a report on your monthly sales.

It is an essential requirement that the bank account where you want to receive your money is in your name or the person who owns the store, in the name of your business or in the name of a person with sufficient power to represent your business.

How much money will I receive for the direct sale of my publications?

Depending on the plan you contract, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Plan, 90% of all your sales.

  • Full E-commerce plan, 80% of all your sales.

  • Basic Store Plan, 70% of all your sales.

*Keep in mind that the minimum commission that will be retained by will be USD 0.43 per transaction in the event that the commission percentage is lower than this.

**This minimum value does not apply to sales in Argentine pesos.

In the case of external sales (Ex: institutional), the commissions that must be paid to will be the following:

  • Unlimited Plan: 10% of the total of each sale.

  • Full E-commerce Plan: 20% for sales less than USD 10,000 and 15% for sales greater than that amount.

  • Basic Store Plan: 30% for sales under USD 10,000 and 15% for sales over that amount.

When these sales are collected by you, you must report them and pay the corresponding commission to

How much money will I receive if, through the Marketplace***, others sell my publications or I sell the publications of others?

  • If you sell content from others that you took from the Marketplace you can even earn 38.5% of those sales.

  • If others sell the publications that you offered through the Marketplace you will earn 55% of those your sales.

*** Marketplace is our shared catalog of publications where you can take items to sell in your store or where you can add your publications for others to sell in their stores.

Special conditions for some countries:


Will you charge an account in Argentina or will you sell in Argentine pesos? There are some special conditions for accounts from this country, so we recommend you see this information.

If you have more questions regarding sales settlements, you can contact us directly at [email protected]

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