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Offering free publications
Offering free publications

In this article we will be showing you how to offer free publications.

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This will allow you to promote launches, give free material to increase the number of registered users on your site, publish samples, etc.

You can offer them for free for as long as you wish. Once this period has elapsed or if you remove the Free attribute, only users who have access to it (either because they bought it or because you assigned it to them by hand) will be able to access it.

1. Go to Control Panel > Publications or either Control Panel > Content > My Inventory.

2. Find the publication you want to mark as free and click on Edit (or upload a new publication and you can do it at the same time of uploading).

3. Go to "More settings" and enable the Offer for free option:

4. You will be able to schedule when the publication will stop being free. To do this, click on Schedule free until and set the date when the publication will automatically stop being free.

This is ideal for creating campaigns and you want to automate when to cancel the free access.

5. If you enable the Request login option, users will first have to register to be able to access the publication. This way, you will get the data of the users who have logged in and then you can use it for your campaigns. If you do not check this option, the publication will be available for direct access without logging in.

6. Finally click on Update or Save (depending on whether you are creating or updating the publication) and the change will be ready.

  • For Basic store plans: You will be able to set up to 5 (five) free publications.

  • For Full E-commerce plans: You will be able to set up to 20 (twenty) free publications.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

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