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Import my issues in Shopify
Import my issues in Shopify

In this documentation we will show you step by step how to export your store posts to import them into Shopify.

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Integrating your Publica store with other e-commerce platforms will allow you to be present to your audience from other means, increase your income by at least 10% with little effort and help your SEO.

To perform this integration you will need to have a Publica content store and a Shopify store . If you don't have them yet, before moving forward, create your stores following each step and then you can continue with this integration.

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Once you have your stores created on both platforms you can continue with the following steps:

⚠️You must have publications loaded in your inventory

1. Go to Control Panel > Content > My inventory (or Control Panel > Publications ) from your store .

2. Click Export > Export Excel:

You will receive by mail the information of publications that you have loaded in the store.

3. Open this sample spreadsheet . Click File > Make a copy .

Once you have your copy, you can edit the content with your information.

4. In the spreadsheet you will find two sheets: " Export from Publica " and " Import into Shopify ".

In the " Export from Publica " sheet you will need to replace the data by pasting the information you exported in step 2. Automatically (using formulas), it will be converted in the "Import into Shopify" sheet to the format required by Shopify.

5. Navigate to the "Import into Shopify" sheet and click File > Download > Comma Separated Values ​​(.csv format) .

6. Once you have your csv downloaded, you must import it into Shopify. We share here the link to the documentation of said platform so that you can continue with the process.


- Note that you can edit/add additional fields in the spreadsheet to import into Shopify. Here we share the Shopify documentation with the detail of the headers.

Additional Resources:

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you and if you have any further questions write to us at [email protected]

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