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How to create free plans in my library?
How to create free plans in my library?

Define which users will be able to access your content for free.

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We show you how to do it:

1) Log in from Control Panel -> Plans and click Create

2) Complete the characteristics of the plan: Select the type of "recurring" plan , assign it a Name, put a value in one of the currencies (don't worry, the user will not be charged) and finally mark it as private so that it does not can be hired by anyone outside.

3) Once the fields are completed, click Save.

4) Now go to Control Panel -> Users and position yourself on the user to whom you want to assign the plan. Click Edit

5) In the "Assign plan" field, select the plan you want to assign to it and click Save

Ready! You learned how to create a private plan so that certain users can view your content for free without the need for everyone to do so.

NOTE: Remember that you can do this in a massive way, if the users are already registered following this tutorial . In the case that you want to import users and assign them the plan you must follow this tutorial .

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you and if you have any further questions write to us at [email protected] .

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