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Edit a publication

In this article we will show you how to edit the existing post fields on the platform.

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1. Go to: Control Panel > Issues or Control Panel > Content > My Inventory

2. Find a post and click on Edit:

3. The following editing window will open where you will be able to do the following actions:

A. For digital content you´ll fin the following fields:

  • Update the cover: click on the image or the "Update cover" button and choose browse your computer for the desired image. Make sure that it meets the following requirements:

    • Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, png

    • Minimum size: "256x256px"

    • Up to 20MB

  • Modify:

    • Name(title)

    • Genre (BISAC)

    • Descrption

    • Identifiers (ISBN or ID, Collections, Keywords)

    • Price

    • General information (Release date, language, Audience, Authors, Categories, Countries, Editions, Narrators, Publishers, Publishing Groups)

  • Allow a preview or not

  • Geographical Restrictions

Please note that for publications added from the Marketplace you will not be able to modify the following fields: genre, description, ID or ISBN, price, release date, language, audience, countries, editions and publishers. You will also not be able to add related formats or update the cover.

However, you will be able to edit: name (title), preview, collections, keywords, authors, categories, narrators, publishing group and custom taxonomies. You will also be able to add private material and modify geographical restrictions.

B. For content offered in paper you´ll find some different fields:

  • Table of contents: would be the index.

  • Pages

  • Binding type: paperback, hard cover, pocket edition, etc.

  • Dimensions: Height (cm), Width (cm), Weight (Kg).

  • Stock: either there is stock or there isn´t.

4. Once the fields have been modified, remember to click on SAVE .

If you want to update the file, here 's how to do it.

We hope this tutorial has been easy for you. If you have questions, write to us at [email protected] .

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